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The Next Big Thing

Two dear blogging friends, Jo Eberhardt at The Happy Logophile and Anthony Lee Collins at U-town, tagged me for The Next Big Thing. I am excited to report that answering these questions shifted my brain back into novel-writing gear. (It has been … Continue reading

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Revisions: One Year Later

Around this time last year, I went to my novel critique group and listened to my peers talk about the first draft of Lost Notes, my 19th century historical novel. This is what I wrote about the results of that process: … Continue reading

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Novel Research: The Art of Bobbin Lace

Lace, specifically bobbin lace, has become an important part of Lost Notes, my 19th century epic novel. It showed up in the background of the first draft, but now, in the second draft, I’m weaving bobbin lace into my plot. Reading … Continue reading

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Studying Point of View Through Revising Chapter 2

I’ve been playing around with the second chapter of my historical novel for a few months now. Yes, I said months. I’m working with the same old plot points, but I’m trying to tell the story in different ways. Ultimately … Continue reading

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Ahh, Revision

Last November, when I started this blog, I was obsessed with revision. After all, I had spent the past few years hammering out drafts of BODY COPY, my literary small-town newspaper novel. I hadn’t started a new first draft of … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning–Again

I came away from Monday’s critique equipped with thoughtful overview letters, manuscript line edits and 10 single-spaced pages of notes from our several-hour discussion.  And now I’m digging into all this rich, fertile soil, not sure whether to plant or … Continue reading

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David Mitchell and Inventing ‘Inaccurate But Plausible’ Dialogue

Reading “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet” was another amazing moment in my education about what historical fiction can be. My first watershed moment occurred earlier this year, when I read “Signal & Noise” by John Griesemer. I devoured … Continue reading

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