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Interview: Kristin Bailey Murphy Offers Insights About Famous American Authors in a Book About Her Great-Aunt’s Career

I have the great pleasure of introducing Kristin Bailey Murphy as part of the Seven Questions series. Kristin’s life-in-letters book about her great-aunt is so fascinating that I decided to feature her work in two posts. If you haven’t already, pop … Continue reading

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Kristin Bailey Murphy’s Manuscript Reveals the Life and Letters of Annie Laurie Williams, the Dramatic and Motion Picture Agent

Author Kristin Bailey Murphy is writing a nonfiction book that’ll be of great interest to anyone who admires the work of John Steinbeck, Margaret Mitchell, Lloyd C. Douglas and Harper Lee. Intrigued? So am I. The book is titled AFFECTIONATELY, … Continue reading

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Children’s Author Interview: Paula Kay McLaughlin on Young Adult, Middle Grade and How Characters Drive the Story

Children’s author Paula Kay McLaughlin is one of those writers who always has worlds spinning in her head. I haven’t met her, but I can just tell from the novels she’s working on right now. (That’s right, novels.) She’s a … Continue reading

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