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Author Interview: Lindsay Hill Discusses His Debut Novel, Sea of Hooks, Named a Best Book of 2013 by Publishers Weekly

Lindsay Hill’s exquisite debut novel, Sea of Hooks, has become an unexpected phenomenon, hitting the Best of 2013 lists compiled by Publishers Weekly, New York magazine, and the Oregonian. Although Sea of Hooks was just published in November by McPherson … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #2: Know Your Setting

Today’s challenge is inspired by Lara Johnson’s recent post about settings, and where my own novel is taking me–straight into the underbelly of 19th century New York. And by underbelly I mean a notorious neighborhood rife with prostitution, murders and … Continue reading

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Details: Where Fiction and Real Life Intersect

When I was younger, I kept a notebook in my pocket to jot down unusual sights and record snippets of dialogue to use in a novel someday. It’s a method that works for many people, and it taught me discipline. … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Sarah Cypher

Sarah Cypher is a talented literary fiction writer, an articulate spokesperson about the finer points of the craft and an especially insightful manuscript editor. Honestly, she’s dazzling—on the page and in person. Ever since we met in 2008, Sarah’s wisdom about … Continue reading

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Using One Unbelievable Element

Much of the literary fiction I’ve been enjoying lately calls for a suspension of disbelief. There’s an immediate contract asked of the reader to set aside common sense and immerse themselves in an unbelievable element. Readers must accept that contract if … Continue reading

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