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A Letter to My Protagonist

Dear Henri, If you belonged to someone else, you would be at the end of your journey, standing in a glass aviary in Rhode Island, surveying where you have been during drafts one and two. If you belonged to a … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Bestseller Selden Edwards on The Lost Prince, Using Historical Details in Fiction and Handling Rejections

I’m so excited to welcome Selden Edwards in celebration of today’s release of his second novel, The Lost Prince. The Little Book, Selden’s dazzling 2008 debut, changed my perception of historical fiction—and the direction of my work-in-progress—when I happened upon … Continue reading

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Reminder: Book Giveaway Ends Tomorrow

If you haven’t participated in Rejection Week yet, go comment soon for a chance to win a free book. The giveaway closes tomorrow at 5 p.m. West Coast time. I’m giving away two books–a flipback and a copy of A … Continue reading

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It’s Rejection Week!

Next week might just be the biggest, most exciting week on my blog. Ever. On Monday, I’ll feature a conversation with Yuvi Zalkow, whose debut novel A Brilliant Novel in the Works will be released on Tuesday. You may know him as … Continue reading

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Get the Details Right

There’s nothing so jarring as to bump up against an ill-placed detail in a story. Especially in historical fiction. One phrase or out-of-place image can make the reader lose faith in the writer. And good writing on some level, I … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #17: Cutting Back on Minor Characters

Writing Challenge #16 focused on using organic metaphors to lend your minor characters more personality. This one is about the opposite–dealing with too many minor characters. Is your novel-in-progress full of bit players who are sitting around doing very little … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #16: Organic Metaphors

When I was younger, I used similes and metaphors whenever they occurred to me. I’d prop up the story with elaborate, supposedly literary comparisons. Then I learned the importance of such language being organic. A metaphor has to grow out … Continue reading

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