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Line of the Week

It’s time for another Line of the Week! Please share a line (or paragraph) you’ve worked on in the past week. Leave your selection in the comments, or if you respond with your own blog post, come back and share … Continue reading

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Editing and the Chicago Manual of Style

I recently finished line editing a novel for a writer friend of mine. It was so exciting to work on her story in a professional capacity. And it gave me a reason to do something that was long overdue: buy … Continue reading

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A Page of Body Copy–Literary/Women’s Fiction

After my post about being a product writer versus a process writer, several people suggested I dust my finished literary novel off and get it out in the world. I spent seven years writing and revising BODY COPY, and it’s … Continue reading

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Twelve Writers All in a Row, Including Jean Auel!

I attended one of my favorite local writer events Friday night.¬†HomeWord Bound is the annual fund-raiser for Community Partners for Affordable Housing. Oregon authors attend as guests and featured speakers, giving attendees the chance to chat with them, buy books, … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #15: Exposition

Show don’t tell is an important storytelling rule. But sometimes it’s useful to tell through exposition. Exposition a great way to get a few years to pass, for instance, or to set up a scene in a world that is … Continue reading

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Product or Process–Which Kind of Writer Are You?

There are two types of knitters. Product knitters love the finished product. That’s their reason for knitting: a beautiful object to wear or give away. Process knitters prefer the act to the end result. They knit for the stitches, not … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #14: Pick a Song

Florence, of the wonderful blog fOIS in the City, offers this short but sweet prompt for today’s Writing Challenge: “Listen to your favorite song and when it ends, sit down and write what it called out to you.” Thanks, Florence! … Continue reading

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