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A Letter to My Protagonist

Dear Henri, If you belonged to someone else, you would be at the end of your journey, standing in a glass aviary in Rhode Island, surveying where you have been during drafts one and two. If you belonged to a … Continue reading

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The Plot’s Intact, But Where’s the Motivation?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m new to writing plot-first. One of the biggest risks, apparently, is feeling disconnected from my characters. I know how my protagonist Henri reacts to the world around him, but not why. He thinks he’s living on borrowed … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: Exchanging My Writerly Stripes for Spots

In the past six months, everything I know about myself as a novelist has changed, except for my dedication to the craft. That’s the one constant. I write every day. My wake-up-as-someone-else metamorphosis has to do with plot. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #2: Know Your Setting

Today’s challenge is inspired by Lara Johnson’s recent post about settings, and where my own novel is taking me–straight into the underbelly of 19th century New York. And by underbelly I mean a notorious neighborhood rife with prostitution, murders and … Continue reading

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Knowing Your Novel’s Ending

I’m taking a two-part novel structure class with my amazing mentors, writers Stevan Allred and Joanna Rose. This week’s homework is to make a map of our stories. If you’re a novelist, have you illustrated your protagonist’s journey? How did … Continue reading

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The Wrong Protagonist, Part 2

My protagonist’s little brother Henri was supposed to die in Paris. His demise, I admit, was quite vague. First I intended it to occur during the June Days Uprising of 1848. Possibly death by trampling. But the timing didn’t work … Continue reading

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The Wrong Protagonist

I started my new novel this past August, and instead of moving from the 1970s to the present, as I had intended, the story did a backflip of its own accord (I swear!) and plunged itself into the mid-19th century. … Continue reading

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