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Post-BEA Post

My friend Kevin Smokler, whose Brat Pack America is forthcoming from Rare Bird Books in October, said to reserve Monday for catching up with people and sending follow-ups. That’s the kind of important advice that I picked up as a first-timer … Continue reading

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Yesterday I …

Filed for an EIN so I don’t have to use my social security number on business paperwork. Proofed the ebook of Brave on the Page (yay!) Acquired the second novel Forest Avenue Press will publish in 2014. Took my kiddo to … Continue reading

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The Espresso Book Machine

I recently met with Polly Dugan, a consultant with the Espresso Book Machine located at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland, Oregon. The EBM arrived at Powell’s, in the Purple Room, on May 4. It’s a quick, easy way to access … Continue reading

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OK, Writers: What’s Your Good News?

Despite being an optimistic individual, I have the publishing industry blues these days. So do a lot of other writers, it seems. Manuscripts that would have sold a few years ago are languishing on hard drives. Authors that would have … Continue reading

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The Flipback Book, Part 2: Exclusive Interview with Arthur van Keulen of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishing company

With the flipback set to debut in England next month, I’m so pleased to introduce Arthur van Keulen, international marketing manager of Jongbloed BV, the Dutch publishing company that created this innovative book format. The goal of the product, as … Continue reading

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All You Want to Know About the Flipback Book (Part 1)

Could the flipback revolutionize publishing? Definitely. Here’s why, starting with a definition of this innovative book format for those of you who missed Patrick Kingsley’s column in the Guardian. While flipbacks certainly play into the smaller-is-better trend in entertainment, unlike e-readers, no … Continue reading

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Flipbacks: The Latest Publishing Trend?

My librarian friend Tamara sent me a link to this Guardian article about the lightweight flipback book format that’ll be available in England this summer. It’s portable, pocketable and obviously marketable. The Sly Oyster reports the flipback debuted in Holland in … Continue reading

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