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Scott Sparling’s Treehouse Hideaway

I’m a former small-town newspaper reporter. That’s one of the reasons I started my Seven Questions interview series. I enjoy asking people about their creative work. Scott Sparling, author of WIRE TO WIRE, recently blogged about the other side of things–being … Continue reading

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OK, Writers: What’s Your Good News?

Despite being an optimistic individual, I have the publishing industry blues these days. So do a lot of other writers, it seems. Manuscripts that would have sold a few years ago are languishing on hard drives. Authors that would have … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Scott Sparling Discusses His Debut Novel’s ‘Dream-Come-True’ Success and How the Book Evolved

It’s no wonder that Scott Sparling’s debut, WIRE TO WIRE, has been well-received by critics and readers. It’s intense. It’s provocative. It’s also amazingly beautiful. The heady pace of WIRE TO WIRE, an adrenaline rush of a crime novel, matches the … Continue reading

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