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‘My Words Don’t Seem Right’

As I was cleaning out old school papers at my parents’ house in May, I came across my eighth grade reading and writing journal. That spring we studied prejudice through reading about South Africa and slavery, plus Steinbeck’s Grapes of … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #16: Organic Metaphors

When I was younger, I used similes and metaphors whenever they occurred to me. I’d prop up the story with elaborate, supposedly literary comparisons. Then I learned the importance of such language being organic. A metaphor has to grow out … Continue reading

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Novel Research: The Art of Bobbin Lace

Lace, specifically bobbin lace, has become an important part of Lost Notes, my 19th century epic novel. It showed up in the background of the first draft, but now, in the second draft, I’m weaving bobbin lace into my plot. Reading … Continue reading

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Line of the Week

It’s time for another Line of the Week! Please share a line (or paragraph) you’ve worked on in the past week. Leave your selection in the comments, or if you respond with your own blog post, come back and share … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I read that Mother’s Day isn’t Mothers’ Day because we’re supposed to acknowledge our own families, not mothers in general. It’s amazing how grammar works, and how an extra letter can change the scope and meaning of a word. My … Continue reading

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A Page of Body Copy–Literary/Women’s Fiction

After my post about being a product writer versus a process writer, several people suggested I dust my finished literary novel off and get it out in the world. I spent seven years writing and revising BODY COPY, and it’s … Continue reading

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Twelve Writers All in a Row, Including Jean Auel!

I attended one of my favorite local writer events Friday night. HomeWord Bound is the annual fund-raiser for Community Partners for Affordable Housing. Oregon authors attend as guests and featured speakers, giving attendees the chance to chat with them, buy books, … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #15: Exposition

Show don’t tell is an important storytelling rule. But sometimes it’s useful to tell through exposition. Exposition a great way to get a few years to pass, for instance, or to set up a scene in a world that is … Continue reading

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Product or Process–Which Kind of Writer Are You?

There are two types of knitters. Product knitters love the finished product. That’s their reason for knitting: a beautiful object to wear or give away. Process knitters prefer the act to the end result. They knit for the stitches, not … Continue reading

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Before and After: A Study of Cutting Excess Language

In focusing on Chapter 2, I’ve worked on the sound of my omniscient narrator. It’s a loud voice, at home with lofty pronouncements and words like comeuppance. It evokes the 19th century without being too stuffy or old-fashioned. The problem is … Continue reading

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