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Writing Challenge #19: Kathleen Lane’s Thing Collection

I’m honored to be in a writing group with author Kathleen Lane. She has a strong, compelling voice and an uncanny ability to mix humor, heartbreak and oddities of the human condition. I learn something new about myself every time I … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Jon Bell on the Allure of Mount Hood, the Research Process and Tips on Becoming a Freelance Writer

Jon Bell, a full-time freelance writer, turned his love of Mount Hood into a comprehensive book about the mountain. His journalism background shows in how he approaches his 11,245-foot subject from every conceivable angle, including on foot with his wife … Continue reading

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Interview: Angela Ackerman Discusses ‘Show Don’t Tell,’ the Writing Community and How to Build Your Blog

I’m so pleased to welcome Angela Ackerman, who blogs at The Bookshelf Muse along with Becca Puglisi. The two recently released The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression, intended to help writers show emotion instead of telling or relying … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Emerald Barnes on What to Expect as a Writer

I’m so pleased to share this guest post, “What to Expect as a Writer,” by author Emerald Barnes. Her published novella, PIERCING THROUGH THE DARKNESS, is available through Amazon and Smashwords, and Emerald blogs at Dreaming Awake. I’m especially thrilled to … Continue reading

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Writing Links

I have been collecting a lot of great links lately and haven’t run any in a while. So here are a few, and expect more soon. The newly released winter issue of Etude: The Journal of Literary Nonfiction contains a … Continue reading

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A Chance to Win Six Writing Books

Author and freelance editor Sarah Cypher has announced a very special giveaway. She’s going to send one lucky winner a collection of six amazing writing books. One of those titles is her own immensely useful collection of writing terms, “The Editor’s … Continue reading

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Happy Writing Links

Google+ has turned me into a squirrel. I forage there daily, and when I find an interesting post, even if I don’t have time to read it, I click on the little eyeglasses icon in my Safari bar to save … Continue reading

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Interview: Melissa Donovan, Founder of Writing Forward, Discusses Blogging and Prioritizing Multiple Projects

Looking for creative writing tips? Exercises? Resources? Prompts? Grammar advice? Melissa Donovan, today’s Seven Questions subject, is the founder and editor of Writing Forward, an invaluable blog for anyone looking for information about the craft. Melissa, a website designer and … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #8: Behind-the-Scenes Engineering

I recently completed Cascade, a baby cardigan, for a friend due this month. What looks like a sweet, simple leaf design is actually a complex feat of engineering. The designer is Raya Budrevich of Blissful Knits & Dyeworks, known for … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and the Writer’s Brain

Many authors talk about novel-writing as being pregnant with a story or birthing a world. It’s all grand and metaphoric. And then there are those who are actually pregnant while writing a novel. We turn into a bundle of hormones … Continue reading

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