Laura Stanfill

Laura Stanfill

I’m a novelist, editor, knitter, and the founder and publisher of Forest Avenue Press, which was awarded a 2014 Oregon Literary Fellowship. Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, a homegrown anthology I edited, was a Powell’s Small Press Bestseller for four months, and was named the #1 book of 2012 by the Powell’s On Oregon Blog.

Hear me talk about publishing and my own writing on Late Night Conversation with Paul Martone, founder of Late Night Library.

My most recently completed novel, The Serinette, is a rollicking nineteenth century epic. You can learn more here.

My recent speaking engagements have included appearances at Willamette University, Clackamas Community College, the University of Oregon, Wordstock, the Manzanita Writers’ Series, Corban University’s Portals Writers’ Conference, and Writers’ Night at the Springwater Grange.

I’ve interviewed many writers, including Selden Edwards, David Corbett, Lauren Kessler, and Lindsay Hill, on this blog’s Seven Questions Series. Prior to starting Forest Avenue Press, I was a reporter, editor, managing editor, and freelance writer for various community newspapers and magazines in Virginia, New York, and Oregon.

My website is here. You can find me on Google+ here. I tweet for Forest Avenue Press and curate the Forest Avenue Press website. Questions? You can reach me here.

30 Responses to About

  1. wovenstrands says:

    Nice to meet you 🙂

  2. fey's diary says:

    Hi, love your blog. It’s unique.

  3. Your books sound really intriguing– definitely something I’d pick up at Barnes and Nobel based on your synopsizes. Seriously– I want to know when Lost Notes is finished. It sounds really good!

  4. Neha Garg says:

    Grand and Unique Blog 🙂 .. Thanks for looking around on mine. Look forward to Lost Notes.

  5. Krista says:

    I want to read that book!
    Laura, I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you a bit via these crazy interwebz. I found you because you wrote about #occupyPolarBears, and I’m so glad!
    I hope you’ll come join our little (growing!) band of Pacific NW Bloggers at Cascadia Connect: http://cascadiaconnect.com/?xgi=5QogYKluu0Fr5X
    I hope we get to meet in real life sometime!

  6. Hi Laura, thanks for following Writing Between the Lines. Your blog looks great, and I look forward to your next post.

  7. Lynne Ayers says:

    To let you know I linked you on my site as a blog I enjoy, in response to the Beautiful Blogger Award. Keeping in mind that not everyone wants to take part in these awards I leave it up to you if you wish to participate – ‘rules’ are here: http://lynneayersbeyondthebrush.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/humble-pie/

  8. robincoyle says:

    Hi Laura! I had to come by to say hello and thank you for following my blog. Boy, am I glad I did. You have a terrific thing going here and as a fellow writer, I am happy to follow you back and learn from you. See you around!

  9. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award.

  10. Hey

    I’ve nominated you for the ‘Inspiring Blog Award’ 😀 Click here for more info: http://jaylt.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/inspiring-blog-award/

    ~ JLT

  11. Love your book’s premise! And I admire you for your knitting capabilities. 😉 I crochet, sort of.

    I look forward to reading your future posts. Cheers!

  12. jmmcdowell says:

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know I’ve presented you with the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you’d like to join in the fun, you can find the details at http://jmmcdowell.com/2012/06/19/awards-accepting-awkwardly/

    As always, there are no obligations to accept. I simply enjoy bringing potentially new blogs to readers who may not have seen them. 🙂

  13. andy1076 says:

    Hi! Thank you for coming by my blog 🙂

  14. it’s blog tag and you’re it! feel free to participate (or not). i love reading your blog no matter what. http://valerierlawson.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/and-for-something-completely-different-blog-tag/

  15. Carrie Rubin says:

    “Lost Notes” has a great premise. Good luck with it!

  16. melissajanda says:

    Hi Laura! I nominated you for an award. I just wanted to show my appreciation for the advice you give other writers. Thank you!

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  18. Maggie says:

    Hello, Laura! I’ve nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award. If you want to participate, the rules are here: http://maasmith.com/2013/10/29/most-influential-blogger-award/

  19. How exciting to meet another 19th century novelist! Thanks for the follow.

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