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Read This Book, Then Mark Your Calendar

Selden Edwards is at the top of my list of inspirational novelists. He began working on a manuscript in 1974 at Stanford. Thirty years later, after many drafts and many rejections, Selden earned an agent and sold his novel to … Continue reading

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‘My Words Don’t Seem Right’

As I was cleaning out old school papers at my parents’ house in May, I came across my eighth grade reading and writing journal. That spring we studied prejudice through reading about South Africa and slavery, plus Steinbeck’s Grapes of … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #16: Organic Metaphors

When I was younger, I used similes and metaphors whenever they occurred to me. I’d prop up the story with elaborate, supposedly literary comparisons. Then I learned the importance of such language being organic. A metaphor has to grow out … Continue reading

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Twice the Excitement–Beautiful Blogger Award

It has taken me a while, but I’m finally accepting the Beautiful Blogger Award from Lynne Ayers of Beyond the Brush. Thanks so much, Lynne! If you haven’t checked out her site, please do. It’s filled with lush photos (especially amazing … Continue reading

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Novel Research: The Art of Bobbin Lace

Lace, specifically bobbin lace, has become an important part of Lost Notes, my 19th century epic novel. It showed up in the background of the first draft, but now, in the second draft, I’m weaving bobbin lace into my plot. Reading … Continue reading

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Update: Children’s Book Goal Grows to $10,000

Recently I wrote about Shasta Kearns Moore’s Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a children’s book she wrote. Good news! Dark & Light: A love story for babies surpassed Shasta’s goal of raising $5,000, which means her project will be published. The … Continue reading

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It’s a Parade!

One of my favorite family traditions is going to the Grand Floral Parade each June in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few photos from Saturday, taken with our point-and-shoot because I didn’t want to lug my big camera downtown with … Continue reading

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Inching Toward Chicago Style

I’ve been thinking about style guides a lot lately, as an AP Style addict and former newspaper editor. My first piece on style is here, if you’re interested. As a fiction writer, I really should convert to Chicago Style, which … Continue reading

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The Book That Wasn’t a Book

In 2000, while working for the Chautauquan Daily as a summer music reporter, I met the bandleader of Independence Jazz Reunion. He hired me to write a biography about the band’s colorful 50-year history. I traveled to Maine and New … Continue reading

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