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What It’s Like to Read at Powell’s

This essay is a more personal response to our Jan. 7 Brave on the Page event at Powell’s City of Books. I close my eyes. The lighting is that good golden light, the kind of evening glow that’s hard to photograph, … Continue reading

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Interview: Author Chris Bournéa on Identity, Place and Dialogue

Chris Bournéa has written an epic feel-good novel. The Chloe Chronicles is a modern-day fairytale that spins story after story about the lovely Chloe Bareaux, daughter of a single, hard-working, style-conscious Parisian mom, and Chloe’s best friend, the boy-crazy Gigi … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

Two dear blogging friends, Jo Eberhardt at The Happy Logophile and Anthony Lee Collins at U-town, tagged me for The Next Big Thing. I am excited to report that answering these questions shifted my brain back into novel-writing gear. (It has been … Continue reading

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Powell’s Top Fives for 2012

I’ve always loved Powell’s Books in Portland. In fact, I moved here, sight unseen, in 2001, after reading about Powell’s and figuring a place with a giant independent bookstore surely would be a good place for a writer to live. … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Rejection? (With Free Books for Prizes!)

One of the unexpected consequences of starting a micro press and opening for submissions is needing to create a form rejection letter. We’re getting really wonderful queries so far, but since we’re only planning to publish two or three books each year, … Continue reading

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Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions about handling my nerves yesterday! Once I got to Powell’s and saw friends and family, neighbors and fellow writers, I relaxed into the experience and had a marvelous time. I’ll post more … Continue reading

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Quick: How Do You Handle Nerves?

I’m getting surprisingly nervous today, as we approach this evening’s Powell’s reading. I’ve read in public before–not tons of times, but enough to know I can get up on stage, or behind the podium, look out at friends and family … Continue reading

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Dream Come True

These days, when you hear authors talking about the dream-come-true scenario of getting an agent, or a publishing deal, the dream isn’t always what they expected. Times have changed significantly. Advances, for instance, I was told earlier this week by … Continue reading

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