Seven Questions

This month I’m launching Seven Questions, an occasional interview series that will hopefully turn into an ongoing conversation about what it means to be a creative professional in this economy.

As a journalist, I love asking writers and other artistic types about their work. I want to know why people are driven to create and why they juggle priorities to make time for art. How their work changes as they change. What draws someone to a particular form of expression. And what inspires them to keep digging into their own minds to produce beautiful, thought-provoking projects.

Author Sarah Cypher gave such a great interview last month, and I have more talented folks lined up next–two novelists, a game designer and a singer/songwriter. They’ll be addressing process, progress and career successes. All four are committed to original artistic expression, and I hope the result will entertain, illuminate and inspire readers to follow their own paths.

Why seven questions? Blog posts are best left short, certainly, but when I invite writers and artists to participate in this endeavor, it makes sense to offer them an ample amount of space to talk about what they do and why. Besides, Sarah’s interview had seven questions, and all her answers were thoughtful and well-worth reading. So seven it is.

I’m open to suggestions for future subjects, so feel free to leave a comment or contact me through my Web site,

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