The Radio Station on Halloween

Sheila and I posed for a photo after she recorded my Brave on the Page segment. Note the Hurricane Sandy coverage on the monitor behind us.

I visited the PacWest Center in downtown Portland this morning to record a short segment with radio personality Sheila Hamilton. She’s a dynamic force in the local media community, and I’ve been listening to her since I moved to Oregon in 2001.

A few minutes can feel like an eternity on the radio! And yet those minutes go by so fast.

Sheila’s a consummate professional and it was such an honor to be interviewed by her. I talked about the book, some of the essays, how talented Oregon writers are and the benefits of the Espresso Book Machine. After we finished, I spent some time reviewing what I said, going over the interview and Sheila’s excellent questions, and thinking of all the things I could have said. I like communicating through writing because I can edit myself and find just the right words the second or third time around if I don’t come up with them on the first pass.

The piece will run on the KXL (101.1) and (101.9) morning shows, which start at 6:30 a.m. Pacific time, on Sunday, Nov. 11. When there’s an online link available, I’ll post it in case you miss the segment.

It was also fun to see the PacWest Center’s pumpkin contest and how the Alpha Broadcasting offices were decorated for Halloween.

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11 Responses to The Radio Station on Halloween

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  2. So cool, Laura! Can’t wait to hear the interview!

  3. jmmcdowell says:

    I would be so nervous doing an interview! Part of me would like the old days when writers were simply read!

    • I was terrified, jm! Not immediately but about 30 seconds into the interview. My heart suddenly started beating really fast and I panicked. And then a minute or two later, when I was in control and feeling a bit more together and eloquent, it was over!

  4. Sarah Allen says:

    Such lovely ladies 🙂 Sounds amazing!

  5. 4amWriter says:

    That sounds awesome, congrats on the interview. The pumpkins are really neat, too. 🙂

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